Vitamix Healthy Soups Recipes – For Losing Weight

By Sonia Grant (Registered Dietitian)

Tired, hungry and on a weight loss diet? These vegan blended  soup recipes are chuck full of vitamin A rich vegetables to help: boost the immune system, and maintain good vision health. They are low in calories suitable for weight loss. This soup contains very few ingredients and can be made in less than 30 minutes.  All you need is the base vegetables a few spices and herbs and to add a Caribbean flare coconut milk.

Prepare all ingredients, add to the liquids and cook until the vegetables are tender and wallop! you are ready to blend. Use a powerful blender such as the Vitamix A3500 (or any of the other vitamix models) to give you a smooth texture. Serve as a starter to a meal, as a lunch or as a light supper. If you do not have a vitamix you can use any blender you have but I guarantee, you will get a smoother texture using the vitamix A3500.

I recommend the vitamix blender as I find it to be one the best blenders on the market. The motor is powerful and it has a long life backed by the years of warrantee by the company, up to seven years. I have been using vitamix for more than 15 years. I was blown away by it when I first saw it demonstrated at a food expo. My husband and I were at the food expo and we were walking around separately. When we got back together we asked each other if we had noticed it. The next words out of our mouths were,  ‘Did you order it”. He had ordered it. He was so much in love with it that he even bought the vitamix dry grain blender.  Our first vitamix served us very well for over ten years. We used it so much that the motor died. After such a long time the company took the blender back, gave us one hundred dollars towards the purchase of our new one. Now we have the 3500 series model. No complaints for the last four years. It is still going strong. You can purchase the vitamix A3500 series at Amazon to make this healthy smoothie


Pumpkin Carrot Soup


1lb pumpkin

1 medium carrot

1 medium onion

Parsley and thyme(1 sprig each)

¼ cup coconut milk

16 oz water/ vegetable stock

Salt and pepper to taste (additional spices to improve taste)

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