Vasco Mini 2 Translator Device. Multi-language Portable Voice Translator – Review 2020

Vasco Mini 2 Translator Device. get it at Amazon

Supports 50 Languages, Enables Instant Two-Way Conversation No WiFi needed

Are you a frequent traveler and speaks only one language. Like myself I am sure that you feel less than when you are unable to communicate when you are in a new country and not able to master the language. While surfing the internet I came upon this little gadget – Vasco Mini 2 Translator Device | Multi-language Portable Voice Translator. Right away I say this is a must get for me. But while I wait to get it I feel like I must do some research on it and introduce it to others. Personal review will follow. What amazes me is the fact that it does not need WiFi to work. I can’ wait to tell you about it. But first:

What are the manufacturers saying about this product?

  • WORKS VIRTUALLY ANYWHERE – No Wi-Fi needed, No monthly, yearly or renewal fees. Portable with a built-in free and lifetime unlimited SIM card. The SIM card works with more than 700 telecom service providers around the world and, global data in over 150 countries.
  • GREAT WAY TO PRACTISE A NEW LANGUAGE – Improve your language skills with Mini 2. It supports over 50 languages (e.g., Japanese, Chinese, Korean, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Hindi, and many more). Because it uses many translation engines, it achieves over 96% accuracy. It is much more precise than phone applications.
  • A POWERFUL TECHNOLOGY THAT FITS IN YOUR POCKET – Vasco Mini 2 is very smart. It recognize the context of sentences, idioms and technical, business, medical vocabulary, and other specialized phrases. The Mini 2 has the highest quality pronunciation available on the market. In practice, you can have meaningful two-way conversations in the places you visit, without learning the local languages first.
  • EASY TO USE – Vasco Mini 2 was created for everyone; adults, children and the elderly. It doesn’t require any downloads or installation of additional applications. No need to pair it with a phone. With free, regular updates, you can be sure that your translations are always of the highest quality. Thanks to its versatility, it is perfect as a gift for every traveler, a lover of foreign languages, as well as anyone who is just planning the next expedition, a holiday trip or an exotic honeymoon.
  • A TRUSTED BRAND – Thanks to years of experience in creating portable devices, Vasco has gained the trust of many thousands of customers and countless organizations in countries around the world. The Vasco Mini 2 comes complete with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty. Due to its reliability, police departments, civil services, public institutions, and emergency responders rely on it to support their work. It is a tool that promotes multi-language conversations in the most demanding conditions.


 Vasco Mini 2 device can be your best traveling buddy in a country whose language is different from the one you speak due to its features of No contract, SIM card, and unlimited internet access in 150 countries

As a business person who negotiates with people of various languages, Vasco mini 2 will be like a work companion to you

If your life long goal is to learn a new language then the Mini 2 can be your best associate. it can also help your children to learn foreign language with its high-class native-like pronunciation to learn dozens of languages with an accurate local accent.

On the job Vasco Mini 2 can be a savior when you are faced with unpredictable situations. Eating out can be a challenge if the menu is not in your native language. Mini 2 can come to your assistance in a restaurant and hotels

What is included in the package:

  • Vasco Mini 2 voice translator
  • International SIM Card
  • USB cable & Charger
  • User manual

What are people who use this product saying

  • I bought this device because I often travel to China and have started to make friends who don’t speak much English (my Mandarin is minimal).
  • For me, the boon is the global SIM card. I often find I need translation help when I don’t have WiFi e.g. in taxis.
  • Highly recommended.
  • I travel a lot for my business and being linguistically challenged I was looking for some way to bridge the communication gaps. This used both wifi and GSM It was perfect. . Fantastic item, very impressed.
  • I’m blown away – This device is perfect for anyone who loves to travel abroad as it is small and very easy to use.
  • I connected it to my wifi and it worked great
  • Genuinely grateful for it in foreign countries
  • This translator has a prepaid global SIM card that does not expire, so you can use it an any one of the supported countries.

If you decide to purchase the Vasco Mini 2 translator you can purchase at Amazon

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