ShareVgo Smart Rower Folding Magnetic Rowing Machine – Review 2020.

The Home Gym with Indoor Full Body Workout Log and Performance Track

ShareVgo Smart Rower Folding Magnetic Rowing Machine get it at Amazon

As the summer approaches you may be thinking how to get into shape without going to the gym. Now you can achieve a full body workout from the comfort of your very own home with the ShareVgo Smart Rower Folding Magnetic Rowing Machine.


  • SMART ROWER with proven technology that is loved and trusted by many of our users. 100% designed and tested in-house in Silicon Valley, California. **NEW UPDATE** App now supports most Bluetooth HRMs i.e. chest straps and optical heart rate sensors on the market.
  • EASY SETUP Bluetooth connection with ShareVgo Fitness App for iOS (SYNC with Apple Health) & Android to track your performance and keep you motivated. EASY LOGGING of your rowing workout data including 500 meter split time and stroke per min, and viewing your accomplishments with intuitive dashboard.
  • FUN & EFFECTIVE full body home workout by completing open goal, six preset distance-based goals, and six challenges: 500 m, 2000 m, 10 km, 5 min, 30 min, and 60 min. Keep you motivated by getting notified with your accomplishments and viewing your social rankings among our community members.
  • BLUETOOTH LCD Monitor tracks workout time, distance, count, and total count. Only TRUE stroke by pulling the handlebar will be added to the count. Market first to provide a more accurate calories burned calculation based on gender, age, rowing split, weight, and tension level on the app. Large tablet holder keep you entertained for a long cardio workout.
  • EASY ASSEMBLY and foldable design for home or office storage. STURDY rail with comfortable large seating, designed for people with all height and weigh up to 300 lbs. SMOOTH & QUIET 8-level magnetic resistance system provide men, women, seniors or elderly with different fitness goals for low-impact indoor exercise.

What you need to know when purchasing a home rowing machine

Rowing machines are one of the most effective pieces of workout equipment that you can own if you are looking for a total body workout. If you are into cardio workout this is the machine for providing you with superior cardio exercise as it works up to 84 percent of your muscles. All it takes is the ability to sit and row.

Some things to look for when purchasing a rowing machine

  • Materials Used For Construction
  • Performance Monitor Options – Check to the performance options that are included such as free style rowing,  back lit for easy reading, monitor of heart rate, calories burned, distance rowed, use of fitness apps and ability to sync with other devices, Foot Rests and Handle Design, Height and ShareVgo Smart Rower Folding Magnetic Rowing Machine Weight Requirements, storage Features, Warranty.

Manufacture Claim

The ShareVgo Bluetooth Smart Rowing Machine is

  • The best choice for a Connected Rowing Machine 
  • Premium quality at an affordable cost and easy assembly
  • Easy Bluetooth connection setup
  • Compact foldable design for space saving and storage for fun and effective workout at the comfort of your home
  • Easy Progress Monitoring towards Your Fitness Goals lets you track your progress and performance such as workout time, distance, calories, total stroke, average stroke per minute, and BMI.
  • Affords a 6 distance based workout and 6 challenges
  • Sync with Apple Health. Great visibility of your daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly indoor rowing exercise progress.
  • Premium Workout Experience – Make Every Workout Count with Unique Insights
  • Premium Workout Experience – Make Every Workout Count with Unique Insights
  • Easy logging of your rowing workout data with split graphs to visualize your performance during cardio workout. *NEW* Also showing heart rate graphs with training zone analysis if pair with compatible single-purpose Bluetooth heart rate monitor i.e. most chest straps or optical heart rate sensors on the market.
  • Sync with your friends as you use the ShareVgo Fitness App for FREE at App Store or Google Play.


Manufacturer’s warranty – We provide 90-day limited warranty to replacing free of charge, any parts which may prove to be defective under normal household and personal use. But you can always feel free to contact us after the warranty and we will do our best to resolve any of your issues.

What people who bought this product like about it.

  • Sturdy build. On concrete floor it did not rock at all like other budget exercise equipment.
  • Relatively quiet. Yes, it makes noise but I had a laptop playing a TV show while rowing and could hear it clearly.
  • Simple to put together despite there not being any instruction manual.
  • Folds for mostly easy storage. There’s two things you need to pull/unscrew before you can fold it but they have spots where you can store them at.
  • Varying difficulty settings that work well enough.
  • Bluetooth enabled tracking. Paired very quickly to my phone through the ShareVgo app.
  • Initial instructions were very easy to work through
    App appears to be pretty comprehensive for tracking progress.
  • Recommend this machine as an affordable addition to your home gym. Does not take up much space if folded which only takes a minute by pulling a pin and turning a knob to stand the slide up.
  • Easy interface to use that gives metrics for each workout

What people don’t like about this machine

  • This may be considered a budget machine however it’s at the top end of that price point and I expected more.
  • Not impressed with the resistance settings, barely any difference from 1 to 10.

If you decide to purchase the ShareVgo smart Rower Folding magnetic rowing machine you can get it at Amazon

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