Senville 36000 BTU Quad Zone Mini Split Air Conditioner Heat Pump SENA-36HF/Q – Review June 2020

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Keeping your home at the correct temperature is of utmost importance. No one wants to be uncomfortable in their own home. Many homes have separate heating and cooling system so as the summer approaches people begin to look for air condition units that will give them the best service.

If you are looking to update or improve your current cooling/heating system look no further. The Senville 36000 BTU Quad Zone Mini Split may be the answer you are looking for. It will serve as an air conditioner in the summer and can be the cheapest way to heat your home in the winter. The heat pump is created to make heat go in the opposite direction maximizing the thermal energy from outside your home, and pumping it into your house.

What you need to know before you go shopping

What is a Mini-Split System

MSN Best Product review says it best: A mini-split heat pump is one of the cheapest ways of heating your home. It is “split” into two devices:

  • An outdoor unit, consisting of a compressor, condenser coil, and fan, and
  • An indoor air handling unit, with an expansion valve, evaporator coil, fan, and air filter. 

Always do your homework first.

  • Know what you need before you go shopping – (ask yourself do I need a single or multi- zone unit)
  • How much it will cost to install the unit (professional installation is recommended due to the systems use of  refrigerants)
  • Is your current system ductless or is ductwork already installed?
  • How much do you know about the specifications of heat pumps – this is to ensure that the unit you are getting will be able to heat/cool your home efficiently.
  • Is the line length between the indoor and outdoor units enough(if not order a kit with extended line)
  • Check the Heating Season Performance Factor (HSP) for heat pump efficiency. It will be a number ranging from 7.7 to 12.5, with 12.5 being the highest.
  • Check the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) for the cooling efficiency. It is required that air conditioners have a SEER of at least 14, so the higher, the more efficient the unit will be.

Having all this information at your finger tip will help you:

  • Select the right type of mini-split unit for your home
  • Better review the product information for the unit you choose
  • Ensure that the system includes everything you will need for installation. This means it should include both the indoor and outdoor units and the installation brackets and hardware
  • Compare the specifications and prices of different brand to ensure you are getting the best deal and not just making a decision because a unit is costing less.
  • Check that there are air-handling unit to be installed in each room providing warm air.

Manufacturers Claim

  • This 36000BTU Quad Zone Ductless Air Conditioner by Senville is one of the most advanced and high-end split units on the market.
  • 22.5 SEER – With Heat Pump, Turbo Mode, Ionizing Air Filter, Dehumidification, Timer Function, Follow Me Function.
  • (4) 9000BTU Indoor Units (1) 36000BTU Outdoor Unit (4) Remote Controls
  • Inverter Technology – Help to Reduce Energy Consumption by Up to 30%. It Also Helps to Extend Heating Capacity up to -22°F / -30° C
  • Includes Four (4) Installation Kits with a 16-Foot Line Set and Wiring Harness
  • Industry Leading 7 Year Warranty on Compressor / 3 Year Warranty on Parts.


  • High efficiency DC inverter
  • Install in multiple rooms (4- 9000 BTU units with 4 remote controls)
  • Great for bedrooms, living rooms, and garages
  • Even distribution throughout the house
  • Indoor/outdoor units
  • Built in air conditioner, heat pump, fan and humidifier
  • Suitable for new as well as older model homes
  • The air condition and heat pump can cover the entire home
  • One of the quietest split air conditioning systems on the market,
  •  Manufacturer’s Warranty:  All Senville models are backed by a comprehensive 7 year warranty designed to protect your purchase.


  • MINI splits do not re-circulate air. It does not pump out stale air and bring in new air. Simply takes the air from the room and cools down and dehumidifies

Manufacture Warranty: All warranty claims are processed by the North American Headquarters of Senville, ensuring the highest levels of customer support and satisfaction. This 7 year warranty offers coverage on the compressor and a 2 year warranty on other parts. You can rest assured knowing that your purchase will be protected for up to 7 years, and we know that we are providing you with the highest quality product available.

People Who Bought This Unit are Saying:

  • Person who used it for a tri zone: Good quality. Pipes are not long enough for three separate rooms.
  • Very cold, super quiet, will DEFINITELY be buying more for the other side of my house.
  • Had it professionally installed and it is like a dream.
  • Very quiet, you cannot hear it unless it is dead quite and you listen closely.
  • The remote system is great. We opted for this instead of fixing our central and this system cools my house better than my central ever did
  • These are good air conditioners.  
  • The compressor has enough room for 4 heads.
  • I’m very pleased so far with my purchase. I got these to heat my old 3 story house when the boiler went out.
  • I would buy this brand again. I have not got to see how well it works in summer to cool, but when installed we tested the cool and it blows very cold air.
  • Great product, very nice unit, wasn’t too hard to install. Heats well.
  • These units have been great until a control board burned up, probably from the storms that have been rolling through. They are virtually noiseless and look good.
  • So far so good it’s been couple of months and keeps the house nice and cold and the humidity option is awesome for us because we have an old house that’s not ventilated well.
  • I had one of the 4 units changed when I ordered to a ducted one. The ducted one seems to work even better. Used the ducted one to split between small bathroom and a hall way.
  • I would buy again, can control blower with Cell phone. Very quite unit, and works above and beyond my expectations.

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