Rubber Maid Table Top Commercial Heavy Duty Scale – Review 2020 – What makes this scale perfect for your Kitchen

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If you are reading this right now it means you are looking for a heavy duty scale for your foodservice business. If you need a new scale to portion food for packing, weighing ingredients for big batch baking or for any high yield cooking the Rubbermaid Commercial pelouze heavy duty receiving scale is  perfect for you.


  • It has dual- Read and can weigh up to 100 lb
  • Heavy-duty platform scale for table top weighing
  • Large 10 1/2-inch fixed dial is easy to read, and has a shatter- resistant lens for added protection
  • Dial is angled at 35 degrees to make it easy to read from any direction
  • Tough enamel finish is rust-proof
  • 15 1/2-inch by 15 1/2-inch platform is large enough to hold most plates, pots, and pans.
  • Dimension 8.25 x 24 5 x 14.5 and weighs 11.15 pounds.
  • Shatter resistant lense for protection.
  • Tough enamel finish is rust proof.

Every kitchen can benefit from a kitchen scale be it a baker or a chef.  The reason to get a kitchen scale is that it makes measurement more precise helping the cook to create even portions especially baked goods such as cookies. That’s one of the reasons those who get scales don’t regret purchasing them. Once you weigh the ingredients correctly on an excellent scale the end product is likely to meet perfection. 

Using a scale in the kitchen saves time and decrease the use of multiple measuring cups. A scale will provide more precise measurements if you are using units such as grams or ingredients that may vary in weight such as non-wheat flours. It is recommended that these flours be measured by weight rather than by cup as they can differ up to 2 ounces depending on the manufacture of the product.

Precise measurement is important as my 10 year old granddaughter will testify. The day she measured her ingredients and followed the recipe she finally realized what I was saying to her when I told her that math is important in cooking if she is to become a good cook. She used to pride herself into eyeballing her ingredients.

Eyeballing portions means that we have no idea how much we are serving or even if we are getting the same amount each time we divide the portions.  A scale makes it easy to measure    servings of protein. This means that you can have even portions of your favorite foods or snack each time If you are about to start a career as a professional cook, or a baker you should definitely get a kitchen scale. Order one today and see how your life will change.  Your measurement will be consistent and precise. Work time in the kitchen will be like a breeze as you will save time on clean up and less money on purchasing utensils such as multiple measuring cups

What should you know when purchasing a scale?

Different types of scales are selected according to the function they must perform. Professional kitchen scales use heavy duty commercial food scales for cooking and portioning as reliability is a must for this line of work.  If this is your mission then the Rubbermaid Commercial Pelouze Heavy-Duty Mechanical Platform Receiving Scale is the scale for you.

There are compact kitchen scales that you can keep on the counter top, but these scales may not perform the way you want them to. Bottom line, decide what you want to do with the scale then select one according to your mission. Just be sure that it provides accuracy in measurement.

If you make a good selection in a food scale you won’t go wrong. As mentioned before it will save you time and money and add speed and consistence to your cooking. Just as a reminder – kitchen scales are the way towards a perfect end product when you know that your measurement of the ingredients are done with precision.  Let’s just say – a kitchen scale is a must have accessory to any kitchen. I use one every chance I get. If you ask me it beats measuring cups every time.

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