Maxam 9-Element Waterless Cookware Set Review 2020

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The Maxam Waterless cookware set is the cookware for you if you are a busy person with limited time to prepare healthy meals for your family. It embodies some of the features required by a cookware to be deemed waterless. (Multi-ply cladding, surgical stainless steel, tight fitting lids) which makes it highly recommended by customers who purchase it.

Maxam 9-Element Waterless Cookware Set is:

  • Affordable
  • created from corrosive resistant T304 Surgical Stainless Steel using cutting-edge craftsmanship
  • Conductive even heating  due to its 5-ply base and  9 elements features
  • Will withstand erosive acids in fruits, vegetables, milks and meats allowing the cookware to retain its color
  • It is a healthy cookware with temperature controlled via Steam Control Valves which allow you to prepare your meals with the perfect amount of mouthwatering warmth
  • The Maxam Waterless Set of Cookware is a stunningly beautiful Set. It has 17 pieces which Includes an 11 3/8″-skillet with helper handle and egg rack, 7.5-quart roaster with cover, 3.2-quart double boiler, 2.5-quart saucepan with cover, 1.7-quart saucepan with cover and a high dome cover for the skillet or roaster.
  • Professional – grade affordability featuring a satin-finished interior and mirror-finished exterior, our superbly-styled waterless steam-controlled cookware is resistant to the damaging effects of detergents-and are all covered by a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

What You Need to Know:

Waterless cooking is a cooking method that involves the use of tight-fitting lids which create steam. It needs little or no water since the foods are usually foods with high water content. The steam pressurizes the pot, (somewhat similar to pressure cooking) causing the food to cook at a lower temperature.

Waterless cooking is a healthier method of cooking as it helps to preserve the nutrient content o the foods. It is also a faster way of cooking.

The waterless cookware is made with either full cladding or disc-clad. Full cladding is usually better than disc cladding as the latter heats the bottom of the cookware as opposed to the former that heats all areas of the cookware creating a better heating performance during the cooking process.


  • surgical stainless steel,
  • vacuum-sealing lids with steam control knobs.
  • multiple cladding
  • Has the capability to make healthy meals faster
  • Cooking at low temperatures with small amounts of moisture which will result in fewer lost nutrient


  • some has base cladding
  • Promotes non fat cooking (we do need some fat in our cooking to help with the absorption of fat soluble vitamins.)

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