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If you are a person who has always been going to the gym, now is the time that you may consider alternate to the gym such as hiking and outdoor running. Many people are switching to hiking and running as an alternate means of physical activity. If you are not used to walking in the woods you may not be familiar with the trails and need to get some assistance so you won’t get lost. I love hiking that’s my go to major physical activity. However I am challenged in finding my way in the woods and must have some form of GPS or a personal guide to help me find my way. So if you are like me consider investing in a Garmin GPS device.

The Garmin forerunner 945 running GPS watch is a GPS running triathlon watch that features music streaming, music storage, performance monitoring features such as VO2 max, garmin coach, full color maping and more. It is the perfect device to guide you on hikes as well as monitoring your running activities. In the words of one buyer – The Garmin 945 is the one you should be buying as it is the newest model.

Manufacture’s Claim

  • GARMIN FORERUNNER 945 GIFT BOX: Garmin Forerunner 945 (Black Strap) Running GPS Watch, HD Screen Protectors (4-Pack), PlayBetter Hard Case & PlayBetter USB Charging Adapters for Car/Wall | Prepacked in Gift Box with Bow & Crinkle Paper
  • ADVANCED RUNNING ANALYTICS + CUSTOM TRAINING: Train smarter than ever before with the Forerunner 945’s advanced set of running analytics; VO2 max adjusts based on altitude/heat, training status evaluates performance indicators & past activities, recovery time helps maximize the benefits between works + support for Garmin Coach which provides expert training plans for whatever your next race might be!
  • BLUETOOTH MUSIC & SPOTIFY ENABLED: Leave your phone at home! Using select streaming services, including Spotify & Deezer, store songs directly on your wrist (including full Spotify playlists!) and stream to your bluetooth headphones! Spotify integration requires separate Spotify Premium membership.
  • PULSEOX, BODY BATTERY + MAPS: New to the Forerunner line is PulseOx – a wrist-based sensor estimates your body’s blood oxygen saturation, which can help gauge how your body is absorbing oxygen + Body Battery energy monitoring collects data from different areas of your wellness (sleep, heart rate, oxygen saturation, training load) to estimate your energy reserves at any moment, so you can plan your day to optimize times for activity and rest + colors Maps directly on your wrist!
  • GIFT BOX BUNDLE + 1-YEAR WARRANTY: We worked hard to pick the most functional accessories for the Forerunner 945 – the Screen Protectors & Protective Case will keep your watch looking like new while the USB Charging Adapters ensure you’re never without a charge! Plus it’s pre-packed in a Gift Box with Bow & Crinkle Paper. Device is 100% covered by Garmin’s 1-Year Warranty.


Top Features with the Forerunner 945

Garmin 945 gives you the greatest musical options:

·        It has Music + Spotify. You can rest assured that you can have up to 1,000+ Songs Right on your Wrist (Spotify Premium Subscription required).

You can even sync your carefully crafted playlists from select music streaming services to your watch for more ad-free listening. Long Battery life runs up to 2 weeks once you place it in smartwatch mode. You can get up to 10 hours in GPS mode with music or up to 60 hours in UltraTrac mode

Provides opportunity for you to better train yourself

Monitors VO2 Max, All-day Activity Stats & Crucial Running Metrics that is you are able to Train Smarter, Not Harder.

  • performance Monitors as you track your VO2 max and overall training load.
  • Evaluates your exercise history and performance indicators with the training status ability so you know if you’re training productively and when to stop.
  • With the help of a compatible heart rate strap or the Running Dynamics Pod, it can also measure crucial running metrics such as cadence, stride length, ground contact time and balance, etc.

Great tracking ability using its GPS Tracking + Full-color Mapping & Garmin Coach as your your Premium Running Guide

  • Forerunner 945 is loaded with built-in full-color mapping (along with the Trendline popularity routing) and features multinetwork (GPS, GLONASS and Galileo) satellite reception to track in more challenging environments than GPS alone.
  •  Garmin Coach adaptive training plans allows you to create your own custom workouts, or download free ones from expert coaches that sync right to your watch.

People who purchase this device are saying:


  • Great product. Connects perfectly with Garmin Express to update software and with Garmin Companion to view data. Use it on bike, for running and swimming.
  • I recommend the bundle as the HR straps for swimming and running / cycling are more accurate and in running provide additional data as compared to the wrist HR monitoring (which works perfectly well except for swimming).
  • Better battery life than the older 920. GPS accuracy is solid. Wrist-based HR is convenient, but I prefer the straps for accuracy and recording during swimming.
  • I’ve been thoroughly impressed with this watch. It has helped me be more accountable to my training and have tons of metrics with which I can compare baseline to my growth. It’s been a great pick up!
  • The watch is awesome, very happy with its capabilities.
  • Battery life is great though.
  • I have used several Garmin watches in the past and I really like this watch. It provides a great deal of data and is sort of easy to use


  • The PlayBetter screen protectors that come with the watch in the runner’s bundle, are absolutely worthless. Tried all 4 that came with the watch and none of them would peel off.
  • The swim heart rate strap doesn’t work and the calories spent in swim are totally off.
  • It’s also difficult to manually set the zones so training progression can be discouraging.
  • The lack of strap color options is also a fashion fail for those of us still wanting to look ‘normal’ while also training for Ironman
  • The portable charger that comes along with this bundle isn’t worth a darn.

You can purchase the Garmin Forerunner 945 Running GPS Watch Gift Box Bundle at Amazon

Get the screen protector accessory at Amazon

  • Made from the high quality tempered-glass for maximum scratch protection and no residue when removed
  • 2.5D rounded edge glass for comfort on the fingers and hand
  • 9H hardness, 99.99% HD clarity, and maintains the original touch experience
  • Hydrophobic and oleo-phobic coating to reduce sweat and reduce fingerprints
  • Include 3 pcs tempered glass screen protectors

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