Digital Portion Control Scale Review 2020 Is This The Scale For You?

If you are about to embark on a weight loss journey and is looking for a scale that will help you make your  portion sizes precise then the Detecto PS7 Digital Portion Control Scale is the scale for you. It is compact at 2.4 inches high, 7.9 inches in length , and a light weight of only  3.00 pounds. These measurement place this scale in the category of small scales that you can keep on the counter top, and  small diet scales that you can take with you where ever you go.


The detecto Portion Control  scale has great reviews with 100% of those who reviewed it giving it a 5 stare rating. They testify to its reliability and high quality; describing it as a fantastic scale. It is very accurate and easy to use.

Another key point of this scale is that it comes with an adaptor for power rather than battery only. This allows it to have longer display times. Which is important if you are not very savvy with reading scales. 

This is a fantastic scale. It is accurate, easy to use and pore importantly it has an adaptor for power rather than battery alone which allows for really long display times. I’m really happy with it for my daily weighing needs.

The Manufactures The PS7 Digital Portion Control Scale is manufactured by Detecto a certified scale manufacturer that markets a complete line of quality weighing products for foodservice among other industries

Pro & Cons


The white color makes it a perfect fit for any décor in a kitchen.

It is created from stainless steel which contributes to its durability.


It comes with only 1 year warranty replacement on parts of equipment defective in material or workmanship.

As you travel on your weight loss journey remember that precise measurement is important as my 10 year old granddaughter will testify; when she found out that eyeballing ingredients is not the best way to go when you are in the kitchen. She used to pride herself in eyeballing portions whenever she is in the kitchen.

The good thing about a portion control scale is that it makes measurement more precise. That’s one of the reasons those who get scales don’t regret purchasing them.

So if you desire to lose weight and want to track the amount of food included in a healthy meal plan you too will also benefit from the PS7 Digital Portion Control Scale. A weight watcher or someone who wants o lose will find out that the PS7 Digital scale can be a best friend forever.

A scale makes it easy to measure servings of protein, nuts or snacks more than a measuring cup. This means that you can have even portions of your favorite foods or snack each time. 

If you make a good selection in a food scale you won’t go wrong. As mentioned before it will save you time and money and add speed and consistence to measuring your portions. Just as a reminder – Portion control scales are the way towards a healthy life style and weight loss.  Let’s just say – a portion control scale is a must have accessory to any weight loss plan. If you ask me it beats measuring cups every time. You can purchase this scale here at

Or check it out at

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