Casio Men’s GPRB1000 G-Shock Rangeman Watch Review 2020

The Best Watch for Traveling Outdoorsman.

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Casio Men’s GPRB1000 G-Shock Rangeman Watch

This Rangeman watch is set apart from the rest of its counterparts due to its solar-assisted GPS function. It is suitable for hiconsumption – international and domestic excursions. It was designed to function as an indestructible timepiece and with experienced outdoor adventuring in mind.

What You Need to Know

The G-shock is:

  • Shock, mud and 200 meters of water resistance
  • Advanced survival features such as GPS signal reception,
  • A Backtrack and Point Memory function,
  • Triple Sensor Technology,
  • Bluetooth communication,
  • Ideal for any serious traveling outdoorsman.
  • Has a scroll wheel (and pusher) to navigate a lot of the menu items.
  • Higher resolution screen.
  • Battery power indicator, which helps you know how much juice is left in the watch.

G-SHOCK is created with a ceramic 2mm thick case back instead of steel. This ceramic construction allows for signals that would otherwise be blocked by metal to pass through with ease. making it a good selection for outdoors activity.

The G-Shock is useful to adventurers because of its Bluetooth low energy technology. It can be  synced to smart phones to help track and trace route.

The use of the Triple Sensor technology – an altimeter, barometer, and compass; and its solar charging technology are functions that set it apart. The wireless charging system allows for up to 33 hours of GPS navigation on just a five-hour charge is an outdoors man dream come true.

The watch is reliable, dependable and can withstand rough and tough situations.

About this item

  • GPS: Displays location in real time and automatically records
  • TRIPLE SENSOR: Compass, Thermometer, and Depth Sensor
  • CHARGING: Convenient wireless and Solar charging
  • RESISTANCE: Dust, dirt, mud and low-temperature resistant. Shock-resistant and waterproof to 200 meters
  • Round shape, digital. in a case of diameter 5.8 centimeter, band material – Resin with Carbon fiber, color – black


75% gives it 5 star rating

Peoples opinion

  • Mine came with a charger but honestly I have never had to use it as the solar has kept it going for the many months. I have owned it.
  • This is a big watch. It’s actually too big for my wrist but it has so loaded with features that I wanted that I wear it anyhow. It is surprisingly light for its size. I like everything about mine, especially the larger image on the normal watch display which helps my aging eye.
  • The Rangeman is an absolute beast of an outdoors/survival watch. 
  • GPS watch is solar powered, has a barometer, altimeter, compass, and thermometer as well as having all the usual timers, alarms, world times
  • The watch will pause the GPS if you’re not moving for a while, to save battery, and then continue once you start moving again.
  • The watch will also go into a power save mode at night and turn off the screen while you sleep to save even more battery. It was designed to never die and never let you down. 
  • The barometer helps you to predict the weather which the watch can do all by itself as well. It can alert you if a storm is on its way
  • The watch is amazingly flawless for what it was designed to do. If you’re a little adventurous and like to hike, boat, or explore the backcountry, this is the watch for you
  • This watch is designed to always work and be able to charge itself while doing it. Even if you threw solar panels on a different brand’s GPS navigation watch, the panels couldn’t keep up with the power consumption (if they could, Garmin and the like would have made it happen already). So Casio saw this problem and solved it.
  • I would certainly recommend this watch to anyone who likes large Gshock watches.


  • The screen is amazing, it can be read indoors and out.
  • The watch is always accurate to the second from its constant automatic daily updates (Bluetooth or GPS).!
  • No phone is ever needed to operate this watch).
  • Absolutely waterproof to 600 feet
  • Tougher than all the other comparable watches.
  • Great for hiking and mountain climbing


  • It’s not a smart watch — there’s no messaging or email on it.
  • It’s not a fitness watch — there’s no heart rate monitor or step counter, nor does it store music.
  • It also doesn’t have a fancy full color screen.
    Does not have maps directions.
  • Does not have an hourly time signal 

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