Betterthan Bouillon-Vegetable Base Organic, 8-Ounce (Pack of 3) – A Healthy Alternative

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  • A rich base that’s made by combining real sautéed onions, celery, and carrots;
  • perfect starting point to create vegetable broth, minestrone soup or add it to rice for minimal flavor

When I decided to stop eating chicken, beef and pork I needed to have a type of seasoning that is vegetable based. So when I found “Betterthan Bouillon” it was the answer to my quest. It provided me with the flavor of “Umami”. What is “Umami”? you might ask, it is a savory taste that is associated with broth, soups and sauces. It gives flavor to your food similar to that of Mono Sodium Glutamate (SMG), tomato, mushroom, yeast extract and soy sauce. I had gone to the Academy  of Nutrition and Dietetics annual Food Exposition and listened to a presentation on the “Umami” flavor, I was blown away to learn that I would not have to use SMG to get a good flavor to my food anymore. So to have Betterthan Bouillon without having to chop the foods that would give me the similar flavor I was more than excited. Betterthan Bouillon has no MSG, is gluten free and organic and easy to use. You can keep it in the refrigerator after it is opened but I have been keeping it in on the shelf with no problem. It is very long lasting so if you are someone who does not cook often it will last a long time.

There are variations to these seasoning such as the roasted garlic flavor which is also suitable for vegetarians. This roasted garlic flavor is

  • RICH AND ROBUST – Made with seasoned roasted garlic
  • BLENDABLE BASES – Easily spoon right out of the jar
  • FLAVOR THE WAY YOU LIKE IT – Add as much, or as little, flavor as you desire
  • PERFECT PAIR – Try it in marinades, glazes, soups, and on vegetables
  • BIG FLAVOR – Add a cooked-all-day taste in half the time

Comments from people who use this product.

  • I have used better than bouillon before always excellent flavor, with any of their flavors. I’m about cut meat out my life for while anyway, and I needed something organic.
  • This product makes good broth. It is very convenient for vegetarians. I also find the price reasonable
  • It goes with almost everything. I absolutely LOVE this stuff! The flavor of rice (just add it to the cooking water at the beginning) is so much better! Freezer veggies get a terrific flavor boost! Soups, stews, veggies. It even makes a lovely broth on the rare occasion I’m not feeling well. And, I feel perfectly comfortable using it, knowing that it’s organic. BONUS!
  • Really good flavor, can’t beat the difference in price to buying veggie broth. I use it whenever I boil pastas, grains, etc. because it adds a nice added seasoning
  • My friend who is vegan was told that this product is delicious and works great, as a non-vegan myself, I have to say, it does a pretty darn good job at tasting like chicken bouillon.

If you are a vegetarian and is looking for something to improve the flavor of your food then you may want to give Betterthan Bouillon” a try.

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