Apple Watch Series 4 – GPS + Cellular – Review 2020

Redesigned to help you be even more active, healthy, and connected.

Apple Watch Series 4 – GPS + Cellular. get it at amazon

Are you looking for a watch that could provide you with activity and medical features? Look no further than the apple Watch Series 4. It comes with GPS, Cellular service and medical alerts all in one package. It has been redesigned to help you be even more active, healthy, and connected.

Features include:

  • GPS + Cellular
  • Over 30% larger display
  • Electrical and optical heart sensors
  • ECG app
  • Digital Crown with haptic feedback
  • 50% louder speaker
  • S4 Sip with faster 64-bit dual-core processor
  • Built in Cellular –  gives freedom from the cell phone if you would like a break especially when you are on a run

It is an excellent fitness tracker. The GPS feature makes it a gem for avid hikers, Runners and walkers will like it as it tells distances, steps and elevation. Reviewers testify to the accuracy of the watch – “The watch does not accurately measure steps or flights of stairs.” It tracks activities such as yoga, and exercise workout.

Medical features of this watch help track and alert you about heart rhythm. It uses a heart sensor to check your Electrocardiogram (ECG) on the go. This has been cleared by the Food and Drug Administration. With an app it tracks sleep pattern and can even tell if you have fallen unintentionally. It is like having medical advice at your service.

What are people saying about the Apple Watch Series 4

  • I believe the reason for  the Apple Watch  existence is health, due to the information it can give us about our bodies right now and in the future.
  • Apple is only now unlocking that potential with actionable alerts about heart rate and rhythm. Maybe you don’t need atrial fibrillation alerts or instantly accessible ECG readings. But imagine the possibilities.
  • The Apple Watch has been coasting on 18-hour battery life since it launched, 
  • Apple has improved the cellular reception on the Series 4, so you’ll get better service outside of major metropolitan areas.
  • The watch can be a stylish accessory,  The automatic workout detection is particularly useful to me, because I occasionally forget to end a run or start a spinning workout and then end up with inaccurate data (or no data at all)
  • The Series 4 now lets you call upon Siri just by raising your wrist and speaking. That’s it. Just start talking. Raising my wrist and having Siri tell me the weather forecast or sending off a text  is exactly the kind of interaction I want to have with a smartwatch: quick and easy.

 Ratings: 84% gives 5 star rating


  • Must subscribe to Apple music
  • Needs wireless service plan
  • Apple watch and iphone must be the same
  • No roaming service availability
  • Must have iphone 6 or higher to work

Before You Buy

Check apple website @  availability for participating wireless carriers and eligibility.

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