Aobosi Rotisserie Air Fryer Convection multi function Countertop Oven Review 2020

Air Fryer Toaster Oven Aobosi Rotisserie Air Fryer Oven Convection Oven Countertop Air-Fry Oven Multi-Function 6-in-1 Toast/Bake/Broil/Airfry/Dehydrate/Reheat|23Qt XL Large Capacity|Recipe|1700W
Air Fryer Toaster Oven Aobosi Rotisserie Air Fryer Oven
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Ever have the desire for crispy food that taste good with a good mouth feel without all the extra fat /oil; when you bite into it tastes like it is fried but it is not? Then the Air Fryer is the gadget that you need to get. This is a compact counter top unit that quickly cooks foods using radiant heat. The foods that are done in an Air Fryer is flavorful, and have a better texture than foods prepared in a traditional fryer. The food is not cooked by heat from hot oil therefore the end product is healthier for you.

Qualities of the Air Fryer

Easy to operate

Uses patented heating system to cook food with hot air from inside

Cooks food evenly and quickly

Versatile: with the ability to move from place to place.

Fits comfortably on a counter top

Multifunctional: can prepare foods by heating, grilling, toasting, dehydrating and baking a wide variety of foods.

Invest inthe Aobosi Air Fryer Oven, it  has 6 functions which allows it to reach perfection as it: broils, hot-air broils, toast, bake, air-fry and dehydrates.


Large capacity but compact enough to fit on your counter top.

(LxWxH:17.7X13X13.8 in) Power:1700W

Voltage: 120V


Temperature: 150 – 450 F

Bake layer: 3 layers

Timer: 60 min

Outer size: 404X390x349mm/16×15.4×15.5in

Inner size: 325x303x222mm/12.8×12.8in

Accessories include frying basket, rotisserie fork, baking tray, grill, crumb tray, rotisserie fork handle. Deluxe air frying basket holds up to 1kg french fries serves food for 1-5 people. Aobosi Toaster Convection Oven Large interior can toast a 2 kg(4.5 Lb) whole chicken, more than 12 chicken wings, bake an 8 inch pizza/cake,4 or more slices of bread toast.

Efficiency: even and quick,due to360°Rapid-Heat circulation with efficient fan and 6 smart heating elements. The more heating elements, the more even air fryer convection oven’s temperature will be and the more perfect the food made. It means your chicken/beef/pork/fish/sausage/chicken wings/pizza or any other foods you like are done evenly under the hot air for crispy, delicious flavors.

Healthy and safe get the deep fat fry experience by about 98% with the air fryer mode instead of oil fryer. Using the Air Fryer gets you on your way with yummy healthy diet.

 with the same taste of deep-fried crispiness. Your food will be lower in calories as the high-speed fans speed up baking & provide that desired fried finish & flavor. Enjoy the 304 stainless steel and food grade materials, the thoughtful design for added safety: the multi-function toaster oven pauses when the door opens and goes on running after the door closed.

Easy to clean Visible space and equipped with a crumb tray, help you clean your Aobosi Air Fryer Oven easily. 4 non-slip feet (stable anti-slip, no scratches),high quality materials and workmanship.

Warranty There is a 2-years repair for Aobosi Air Fryer Toaster Oven. For any service, product repair or need any help, please contact us.

Powerful 1700W 6 in 1 SUPER VERSATILE (150-450℉(60-230℃)Knob temperature control and 60 min, knob time control, on-off controllable built-in lighting, easily grasp your Aobosi Countertop Rotisserie Steam Oven.

Reviewers testify to its 5 star rating and its ability to:

Save space and energy, easy to use, fast rate at which it heats up large capacity, production of good quality non-greasy foods, less time consumption crisp outer layer and soft juicy inside as they prepare their favorite recipes.

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